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I edited the Wine description. Perspectoff 18:54, 28 May 2009 (EEST)

FIXME: Wine and CrossOver descriptions, not only on Intrepid, but all Ubuntu distros are inaccurate

Wikipedia is a nonsense battleground. I was a developer for Wine, and you are incorrect. Other than Wikipedia, do you have any sources? Since Wine is hosted on Codeweaver's web sites, you will have a pretty tough battle convincing me things have changed since I worked on the project...


Please, the description of CrossOver and Wine is wrong in most of the Ubuntu pages, quoting Wikipedia:

CrossOver: CrossOver, known before version 6.0 as CrossOver Office, is the collective name for four commercial and proprietary programs developed by CodeWeavers that allow many Windows-based applications to run on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris using a compatibility layer. The programs include CrossOver Mac, CrossOver Linux, CrossOver Games Mac, and CrossOver Games Linux.

The programs are modified, proprietary versions of the public Wine source tree with various compatibility patches added, more user-friendly configuration tools and commercial support. CodeWeavers employs several Wine developers and contributes code back to the free software/open source software Wine project as per the GNU LGPL, although CrossOver is proprietary software.

and Wine, in Corporate sponsorship:

The main corporate sponsor of Wine is CodeWeavers, which employs Julliard and many other Wine developers to work on Wine and on CrossOver, CodeWeavers' supported version of Wine, which includes some application-specific tweaks not considered suitable for the WineHQ version, as well as some additional proprietary components

As we can see, CodeWeavers is a sponsor of Wine, and CrossOver is a modified version of Wine, not the other way around.

Wine at Wikipedia

CrossOver at Wikipedia

--UnDeRTaKeR 08:23, 12 May 2009 (EEST)

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