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Ubuntuguide template prefixes all begin with U_, Ubuntu, or Ubuntuguide whereas all Kubuntuguide template prefixes begin with K_, Kubuntu, or Kubuntuguide. Be sure to edit the correct template.

  • Open a text editor window for gedit (or kate if using Kubuntu).
  • Open the template for the existing version. For example, open the template for Ubuntu_Raring_Internet and "Edit" (or "View Source") its contents. "Select all" of its contents and copy and paste them to the opened gedit text editor.
  • "Replace" all the references to "Raring" with "Saucy" using Gedit -> Edit -> Replace... -> Find: Raring -> Replace: Saucy -> Replace All
  • "Replace" all the references to "Ringtail" with "Salamander" in a similar manner (not necessary for many pages).
  • Select all the updated content in the gedit window and copy it.
  • Paste the updated content into the corresponding new page. For example paste it into a new page named Ubuntu_Saucy_Internet.

Ubuntuguide liberally uses nested templates, so you will see the empty nested template names in red. Update these templates in the same way (with the content from the corresponding original template from the existing version). For example, update the content of Template:U_Saucy/Internet from Template:U_Raring/Internet in the same way.

  • The corresponding pages in Kubuntuguide would be Kubuntu_Saucy_Internet, Kubuntu_Raring_Internet, Template:K_Saucy/Internet, and Template:K_Raring/Internet.
  • Many pages are protected and cannot be edited by the average user.
  • The Squid cache proxy of (K)Ubuntuguide sometimes requires saving changes several times (and/or reloading the page to reload user permissions). If the error "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data" appears then merely reload the page or save it again (it is not necessary to log out and then log back in).
  • Users that try to make edits from an IP address or location that has been marked by the Wikimedia Foundation as a spam address will not be able to make changes to (K)Ubuntuguide. Several spam filters are in use on (K)Ubuntuguide.
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