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VistA Server functions

The VistA server functions are generally configured from a text interface. The VistA server is very flexible and powerful, and therefore can seem complex to customize and daunting for new users.

Accessing the interface is possible in several ways:

  • While logged on the server (using any login ID) by starting VistA Commander from a command-line interface Terminal:
  • Logging in directly to the server using the provided Linux login (openvistaEHR or worldvistaEHR) and opening a (Konsole) Terminal. This loads the VistA Commander interface automatically. (On Astronaut systems, the default initial password is vista!123.)
  • Using the Text Client, VistA Config, or VistA Server Admin (text9260) (with or without SSH) if installed on your system as part of a client package.
  • Using the built-in VistA Server Text Client menu items/shortcuts in the Ubuntu-Med system.

Then see

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