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EBook Conversion

Calibre (eBook conversion)

Calibre is an eBook reader, library manager, and tool for conversion between many eBook formats (including the .epub format). Install:

sudo apt-get install calibre

Convert a web page to ePub format

The ePub (.epub) format is the default format for many eBook readers. Its format is closely similar to HTML, CSS, and XML formatting of many web pages and, therefore, ePub conversion is, in fact, most successful from HTML documents.

  • Save a complete webpage in .htm format:
Firefox -> File -> Save Page As... -> Filter: Web page, complete -> webpage.htm
  • Edit the .htm file (using kate in Kubuntu or gedit in Ubuntu) and delete any elements of the page that you do not wish to be included in the eBook.
  • Start Calibre and add the downloaded/edited .htm file as a book to the Calibre library:
Calibre -> Add Books... -> webpage.htm
  • Convert the downloaded/edited .htm file:
Calibre -> (highlight webpage.htm) -> Convert E-books -> Convert individually

Choose your conversion options.

  • Calibre is able to convert into .mobi format and many other eBook formats as well (in a similar manner).

Create an eBook cover

Calibre allows the addition of a cover to an eBook. In general, a 525x700 px JPEG (.jpg) image is easiest to use as a cover. I superimpose a 525x700 px cover image on a plain 590x750 px background in order to accommodate more eBook reader screens, but that is a personal preference.

  • Using Gimp, create a new image that is 590x750:
Gimp -> New... -> Image Size: 590x750
  • Then import the 525x700 image as a new layer:
Gimp -> File -> Open as Layers... -> MyCoverImage.png
which I position so the bottom edge of the imported image is at the bottom of the blank area, and is, of course, centered.
  • Save the image as the new eBook cover. When prompted to either flatten the image or merge the layers, either option will suffice.

The cover image can be selected (during the conversion process) in the Calibre -> Convert E-books -> Metadata settings.

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