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There once was a man who was none too good,
And then I'd say he's none too bad.
Times he was mighty good for a spell,
And times he'd go out and he'd raise a little hell...
Mediocre Fred, Mediocre Fred.

Fred went to work from 8 to 5,
And he punched a clock to show he's alive.
Went to church every Sunday morn,
Sometimes he wondered why he was born.
Mediocre Fred, mediocre, dull Fred.

Fred went to the movies every Saturday night,
Liked to watch TV and the western fights.
And he paid his taxes 'most every year
And on a hot summer day, why, he drank a little beer!
Exciting Mediocre Fred! Mediocre Fred.

Well the days went by all dull and gray,
And he didn't think much and had little to say.
And when the full moon rose he'd climb over the moat
Find some people sleeping and he'd bite their throats!
Mediocre Fred, mediocre, dull Fred.

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