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Ubuntu Quantal Audio
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Audio Applications

  • See this section for a list of audio Media Players.
  • See this section for Audio/Video conversion, including CD/DVD ripping and burning.

Audacity (Audio Editor and Recorder)

Audacity is the leading cross-platform free open source (GPL-licensed) audio recorder and editor. It can be used to record, splice, edit, and manipulate sound files similar to tools found in recording studios. Install:

sudo apt-get install audacity

Ardour (Digital Audio Workstation)

Ardour is a free, GTK-based professional-grade digital audio workstation for high end audio manipulation and mixing. Install:

sudo apt-get install ardour

Rosegarden (Digital Audio Workstation)

Rosegarden is a midi/audio interface for synthesizers, as well as a digital audio studio for recording, editing, and notating music. It is often used in combination with Audacity. Install:

sudo apt-get install rosegarden

Hydrogen (Drum synthesizer)

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for Linux. Install:

sudo apt-get install hydrogen

EasyTag (ID3 editor)

EasyTag is a utility for editing the ID3 tags of mp3 and other music files. Install:

sudo apt-get install easytag
  • Run:
Applications -> Sound & Video -> EasyTAG
  • Rename files using Artist and Track title:
EasyTAG -> Scanner -> Rename File(s) and Directory...

Use %a - %t in the popup "Tag and Filename Scan" box to rename the files using the Artist - TrackTitle naming convention. Then click on the green scanner box in the popup ("Open scanner window / Scan selected files") to build a database of the changes (or EasyTAG -> File -> Scan File(s) ). To save the changes (and actually rename the files), "Save Files" using the FloppyDisc icon in the top toolbar (or EasyTAG -> File -> Save File(s) ).

This can be done in batch mode by highlighting numerous files in the "File Name" pane.

PuddleTag (ID3 editor)

PuddleTag is a comprehensive utility for editing the ID3 tags of mp3 and other music files. Install:

sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-pyparsing python-mutagen python-configobj python-musicbrainz2
wget -O puddletag_current.deb http://sourceforge.net/projects/puddletag/files/puddletag_0.9.12-1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i puddletag_current.deb

UbuntuStudio (Ubuntu distribution customized for multimedia editing)

UbuntuStudio is an official derivative of Ubuntu that pre-packages many multimedia editing packages. (Each of the packages can also be installed independently.) See the website for a full list of the premier audiovisual software packages available for Ubuntu Linux.

sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio
sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-video
sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-graphics
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