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Naming concept ???

Now main guide points to /ubuntu, new guide for now is called /ubuntu_dapper, the thing is, when dapper comes out, what are we going to do? Then the dapper guide will be main, so we could rename /ubuntu to /ubuntu_breezy (or smth. like that) and point it to /ubuntu_dapper, when next one comes out, we'll point /ubuntu to /ubunut_nextname

But the thing is, that we'll lose link integrity, that is, if someone has linked to /ubuntu/something, then there's big possibility that in the new guide that point will be somewhere else so link will be broken...

From other side if we use first concept then allways the current version will be at /ubuntu...

Any suggestions?



Is search enabled? I don't see it anywhere. A wiki without a search feature is hard to use.


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