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UbuntuGuide has been continually published since December 2005 and KubuntuGuide has been continually published since June 2007. This site is the originator of both the Ubuntuguide name and logo (and all content prior to 2007). Most of the content in this guide, however, was originally developed by the original,, and websites and was incorporated into this website (with express permission of the original owners, with whom copyright of the Kubuntuguide name/logo remains).

While usage of the content of this site is granted under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, the assumption of the name UbuntuGuide, Ubuntu Guide, Kubuntuguide, or Kubuntu Guide by any publication, website, or in any form purporting to be an image or derivative of this website is not granted, with the limited exception of mirrors of this website and of copies giving full attribution to this website. We reserve copyright of the name and logo insofar as no other website, guide, or entity is given permission to use the name as their own or represent themselves as being UbuntuGuide / KubuntuGuide or a derivative of UbuntuGuide / KubuntuGuide without explicitly denoting the relationship to this guide.

It is forbidden under the terms of the license to use the name UbuntuGuide (or Ubuntu Guide, KubuntuGuide, or Kubuntu Guide), or any content in this guide, by any enterprise in which monetary gain is garnered from the use or sale of the name, logo, or content from this guide.


Some of the content on this site was obtained under the Free Document License or Creative Commons License and can be recopied under the terms of their original licenses.

Icons and other artwork obtained under the particular variation of the Creative Commons license relevant to that artwork can be used under the terms of the original license. Please obtain the icon or artwork from the original site (location listed along with the image details).

A locally-stored summary of the version of the Creative Commons License used on this site is here.


"The wind is not known by its appearance, but by the effect it has on others as it passes. Be like the wind."

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