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This is the original UbuntuGuide. It is a straightforward guide for Ubuntu, the Unity and Gnome desktop versions of Ubuntu. It was started in December 2005, just after the release of Ubuntu Breezy Badger (in October 2005). As of 2014 there have been over 50 million page views.

KubuntuGuide was started in June 2007 (and was maintained independently as Kubuntuguide.org and then as Kubuntuguide.info). The content and design of KubuntuGuide was brought to UbuntuGuide in early 2012. (Between 2007 and 2012 the editor of KubuntuGuide was also the editor of UbuntuGuide.)

Parts of UbuntuGuide (and KubuntuGuide) have been used in other Ubuntu / Kubuntu documentation. It has long been edited by the user community, is updated frequently, and has tips that are often tailored to each release of Ubuntu. There are many poor imitations (including some who have copied the names UbuntuGuide and KubuntuGuide), but none come close to the clarity and breadth of this guide.

(K)Ubuntuguide was forged by John Henry, was edited (for many years) by Perspectoff with the help of Mediocre Fred, and maintains itself with the help of the Borg. Much of our philosophy comes from Buckaroo Banzai, although there have been whispered rumours that followers of Captain GnuBeard may lurk amongst our contributors.

(There are other sources of current information such as the official Ubuntu documentation and other reference guides as well.)

It has been hosted at the Linux Center of the University of Latvia for the past several years. Krampo is the administrator.

There is no primary author of the site, though, as it is a collaborative wiki.

Please register and contribute!

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